Monday, December 29, 2008

Week 7

Yesterday was the beginning of week 7. I now have a fingertip pulse oximeter (thank you in-laws!) so it's much easier to spot check my sats when I'm working out. My HR and sats seemed to stabilize yesterday at about 145 and 95%. Today was about the same, a little bit lower on the sats, 93/94%. The good news is, I have maintained my 32 whole minute work out! Maybe I'll go up to 35 minutes tomorrow... We'll see how ambitious I feel!

I had a terrible dream last night. Usually when I dream about not being able to breathe it means I cannot breathe in real life. This used to happen a lot before I was on oxygen at night. I would have nightmares every single night. My dreams were vivid and I was always being attacked, chased or followed by someone. I would run and get so out of breath I couldn't breathe. Or I'd be drowning and couldn't breathe. Anyway last night the same thing happened and I'm not sure why because I woke up and my o2 was still strapped onto my face. Good times! Guess that just happens when you're lungs are as healthy as a 100 year old!

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