Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Long Break

Well I did my workout on Monday January 5th, but that was the last time. I was too rushed on Tuesday with all the packing and getting to bed early to be bothered with my workout on Tuesday the 6th. Plus we had to squeeze in a celebration for Paul. It was his birthday on the 7th, but since we were in a plane all freaking day, I had to get some cupcakes and celebrate! Good good yummy times.

I didn't plan to work out while I was in Cancun. There was just too much too see and do! It was so relaxing. I lost about 3 pounds, at an all inclusive resort! Can you believe that? I truly believe it was muscle mass from not working out for 8 days.

We returned home very late on Wednesday January 14 and I was sick. I'm still sick. I feel like I have cement stuck in my chest. My resting heart rate has jumped from 60bpm before Cancun to 95bpm this morning. My sats are low for me in the morning (93-94) but perk up toward the end of the day from 4 breathing treatments a day. My fever was 100,4 this morning. It's just all around a good time. I feel like a lump. Seriously, before you tell me exercise is good for me even when I'm sick, just walk one day in my shoes when I feel this cruddy. Yeah. Didn't think you could handle it either.

So I'm going to rest because that is what I do best when I'm sick. I should be back on my feet once this antibiotic kicks in, in about 10 days. Then I'll get back to working out.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beginning Week 8

FIFTY! Today is day FIFTY! I can hardly believe it's been 7 full weeks since I started this cardio journey. I don't feel any different in the lungs, but I think I notice my resting HR is lower (60-70) and the actual leg work on the elliptical is a tad (teensy tiny tad) but easier.

I worked out on New Year's Day, but I skipped my work out on Friday, January 2. The timing of it all on Friday just didn't work out between my errands in the morning and my nap in the afternoon. Hey, a girls gotta have priorities, huh?

I picked back up with my workout on Saturday and today, Sunday. 35 full minutes of fun! Ok, not fun, but it was 35 full minutes of hard work. Today the twins were playing on my bedroom floor while I was working out. They started using my o2 tubing like they were repelling down a rocky cliff. Only they were on the floor crawling and pulling and tugging. I spot checked my pulse ox during this time and for the life of me could NOT figure out why with 4 liters of o2 my HR was 160 and my pulse ox was 90! Turns out they had pulled my tubing right off the concentrator. I had no flow! No more rock climbing with my tubing, that's for sure!