Friday, December 12, 2008

Jogging on the Elliptical

Earlier this week I tried sprinting and walking on the elliptical. That was really really tough. So on Wednesday and Thursday (workout day numbers 25 and 26) I decided to try a quicker pace, but not a sprint. Let's call it a jog. It went pretty well but on both days I just wanted to up and quit around minute 20. I didn't though! Cause I'm a tough cookie! My HR was about 145 when I checked it after my workout on both days.

I've been told that since this 30 minute workout is going well I should increase the length of time... we'll see about that. At 30 minutes I'm pretty much ready to throw the elliptical out the window and never look at it again. It's still really hard, but I actually look forward to it just to say I did it.

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Nicole said...

hey just FYI I dont know if your eliptical has it as an option but you could also do it just yourself on the clock but another option to make trying to go faster fun is to try a goal. I set a distance and then see how fast I can do it, each time trying to improve.

Also if you can try reversing directions on the machine so as not to work just the one set of leg muscles.