Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 92!

I worked out 5 of the last 7 days, which is pretty darn good if you ask me!

On Monday I did my Wii Fit. Tom was home sick from school, so after i worked out, he had to join in the fun. He has his own little "Mii" and he loves to work out!

On Tuesday I did my elliptical for 20 minutes. Nothing special, other than I hated every second.

On Wednesday I got to work out more on the Wii Fit. I have learned to save my lunges and sit ups to the last bit of the workout because they wear out my muscles so much I start shaking and it's hard to do the balance exercises when you can't stand on one leg without trembling.

On Thursday I was back on the elliptical. It was really really hard. My sats were low (92/93) and I was on 2 liters of o2. I tried lightening the pace, but when you're already going as slow as you think you can possible go without stopping, it's a bit difficult to slow down! By Thursday night I could tell something wasn't right with my lungs. It only got worse on Friday. There has been a lot of wind here in the valley and there is so much dust/debris/pollen in the air, I think it's actually affecting me. My lungs are heavy, tight, sore and I'm coughing more. I called in a prescription for some prednisone (steroid) which makes me feel super human. It also drives my diabetes nuts, forcing me to take more insulin to keep from running high sugars all day long. But this prednisone, yum! I'm on 20mg a day, hopefully only for 5 days. I've got an appt w/ my CF doctor on Monday and we will work on my allergies and inflammation. I really don't think this calls for antibiotics because I don't feel like I have an infection brewing, but we'll see what the doctor orders.

On Friday and Saturday I didn't work out. Friday was super busy, plus my housekeepers were here, and it's a little hard to work out when they need to clean around me. On Saturday I was just plain lazy and still not feeling up to par.

Today is day 92 and I feel about the same, but I worked out anyway, on the elliptical for 20 minutes. My sats improved from Thursday, on 2 liters of o2 they were 95 and HR was around 160. I have found my resting HR to remain low in the 60's. I even saw a 58 the other day. Watch out serious professional athletes! Here I come!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 85

Let's catch up on what I've been up to this week.

Wednesday was a no go for the workout. I had a doctor appointment and then I got some lab work done and then I went shopping, all while the twins were at school for 2.5 hours. Whew! Busy busy morning. Thus no time for a workout.

Thursday, I was back on the elliptical. My legs were still sore from the Monday morning workout session on my Wii Fit, but that didn't stop me! There was nothing unusual about the workout. I just got it done. Yawn.

On Friday I got back on the Wii Fit. I had gained a half pound since Monday, so that's good news. These little "30 minute" Wii Fit workouts actually take me 45 minutes because there is a lot of time shifting from aerobics to strength training to yoga. Even some hula hoop. A girl's gotta have SOME fun working out, don't ya think?

On Saturday and Sunday (today) I have done my elliptical but only 20 minutes a day. I just get SO BORED, I'm curious to see if my resting heart rate goes up, by decreasing my workout from 30 to 20 minutes. 20 minutes sure is a lot more bearable on the boring scale. I still get a good sweat in there. So we'll see if it affects the cardio or not. I'm thinking not. My resting HR is back down to 60-70 for the first time in two months. It went up when I came home in mid-January from Mexico b/c I was sick. Then I didn't work out for a few weeks, so it stayed up, and I stayed sick for a couple weeks. My body works hard over here when I'm sick! But finally after a few weeks of working out and finally not feeling so tight in my chest, my resting HR is down.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the weirdest thing today! So it was a normal day and I turned on my oxygen to go for my elliptical run but my nose/sinus' felt really cold, almost in pain. It was so strange and painful, but did I stop? Nooooooo noooooo noooooo. Cause I'm just a glutton for punishment like that. I figured as the workout progressed it would let up, but it didn't. It was like I was breathing freezing cold air. I don't know why it stung so much. And get this, my right eye was tearing up. Yeah, totally crying, only I wasn't crying. I had tears coming down from my right eye. As soon as I stopped my workout the tearing stopped. As long as I wasn't huffing and puffing w/ the o2 it didn't burn. But when I was working out it was painful. So weird! I hope that doesn't happen again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We're on day 80 over here. Whew! Only 88 more days to go.

Last week was a decent work out week... when I wasn't sick. On Tuesday I woke up so nauseous I couldn't get out of bed. This is highly uncharacteristic for me. I knew I had caught the barfy stomach bug Tom had 3 days earlier. Needless to say, there was no elliptical that day! However I was able to get back on the elliptical the very next day! Yeah, cause I'm just a superstar like that, in all my wobbly weak glory.

More elliptical that Thursday, plus a bonus jaunt to the park! I think walking to/from the park actually did my lungs more good than my boring 30 minute routine on the elliptical. There was just so much goo coming out of my lungs that night. Way more than normal, but a good thing!

Friday and Saturday were super busy and I didn't get to work out. On Sunday I was too tired and Abby was still sick (yeah, the puky barfy thing hit her by then as well) so I laid in bed with her for most of Sunday morning. It was exceptionally nice to just lay there and watch her sleep.

On Monday, while the twins were at preschool I decided to stick to my plan outlined in my last post. I busted out the Wii fit! It was actually a lot of fun. I was able to get in 30 full minutes of different exercises, however with all the remote adjusting and picking new exercises to do every 3-5 minutes, this 30 minute work out actually took me 45 minutes. I checked my HR a few times to see what kind of a workout I was getting. My sats were 95% and my HR was 125. This is much lower than my average elliptical HR, but I believe strength training/muscle toning is important as well. So hopefully I can continue w/ the Wii on M, W, F.

That's about it! I'm off to do the elliptical today right now!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 73

I can't believe I've been at this for over 10 weeks. 10 weeks down, 14 weeks to go until this dreaded project is over. I say that because I don't feel any benefit in the lungs. In fact my FEV1 seems to be lower than when I started in November.

Lately my peak flow has been in the toilet too. Normally with a 1.6 liter FEV1 my peak flow is about 425 and it feels pretty good, but for me, the lower the peak flow, the more SOB I am. Well lately my peak flow has been around 350-380. In February my FEV1 was 1.4 liters and I think it's even lower today. Today my peak flow was 370 and that totally sucks. It's like I want to take a deep breath in, but it just stops. This is nothing new, I've been this way for about 8 weeks now and it just happens sometimes. I haven't been taking my advair, so maybe it's an asthma thing.

With respect to my workouts, they have been going. I just keep huffing and puffing away with my oxygen on. I worked out last Thursday and I had every intention of working out last Friday, but then it was gorgeous out and the twins wanted to go to the park, so I played on the jungle gym instead. Saturday was a no-go, but I did get my workout in on Sunday and Monday.

I'm thinking about changing up my workouts. I have this brand new Wii Fit that I have hardly broken in since Christmas and I want to maybe do that on M, W, F for a half hour while the twins are in school (it's impossible to use it while they're home because they want to use it!) And then maybe I'll keep up w/ my elliptical on T, Thurs, Sat and Sundays. We'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 68

This week is going well. I didn't work out last Friday or Sunday. But I got one in on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I plan to work out on Thursday and Friday this week as well since I'm taking Saturday off for sure, too many things to do on Saturday! Somehow I think I'm still meeting my goal of working out 5 or more days a week.

Yesterday was rough. By minute five I was so over it. Then at minute 20 Tom came into my room and kept asking me like very two seconds, "Can you stop yet?" And I had 10 freaking minutes left to go! It was a long ten minutes as I gasped, "I....." pause *gasp* "can't". It's amazing how much harder it is to talk and walk at the same time. (or talk and elliptical as the case may be)

Today wasn't too bad. I had "The Bachelor, After the Final Rose PART II" Yeah, as if "The Bachelor, After the Final Rose" wasn't humiliating enough, they had to string it out for a second night. But it kept me totally entertained for my 30 minute workout today. God I love trash TV.