Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 34

Today I was really dragging. From the start of the workout I wanted to be teleported 32 minutes ahead just so I could be done. But I soldiered on. I lasted about 15 minutes with a moderate jog. Then instead of quitting early, I slowed the pace just a tad so I could complete the workout, all THIRTY TWO minutes! Yay me!

I have to report though, I feel no different than day 1. My lungs seem to go in cycles whether I exercise or not and right now I'm in a downward trend. I have this little peak flow meter and although I cannot say it is accurate to the fancier models at the doctors office (those of which I have not even seen since I was seven anyway) I can say that I'm confident it is reliable. Accurate and reliable are two different things here. I say the meter is reliable because when I blow a 425 or 450 my FEV1 usually corresponds to something over 50%, say 1.6 Liters. And when I'm feeling more SOB I blow under 400 on this thing. Today I'm at 370. So I can say with a certain confidence that my FEV1 is about 1.4 Liters. We're talking about tenths of a liter here people! But I don't have tenths to spare! (a normal 5'4" female my age would have an FEV1 of at least 3 Liters.

So you see, I haven't really gained any lung capacity in the last 34 days. Sad but true. I can't know for sure because I'm not going to see the doctor until February. But my trusty little peak flow meter has never failed me.

I guess what I'm saying is I feel like poo. But it's more like standard operating procedure poo, meaning, I can still perform all my mom duties. I can be that peppy preschool mom that's got it all together. I can shop, I can clean, I can cook, I can work out. I can do all those things because I have to. But my fevers are back. They weren't really gone all that long. Maybe a week reprieve in the last month. So I'm dealing with 99-100 degree temperatures and no real illness to speak of. Thankfully motrin takes care of all the funny business so I can feel like "me" most of the time. It's just a lot of work.

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