Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 29 and 30

I took a day off yesterday. Since I'd worked out 12 days in a row, I figured I'd let myself slide for one day. Actually what happened was, I got busy! There was no time in the morning, before we left to visit the in-laws. Then I was so tired that afternoon, I just didn't feel like it. So no work out yesterday.

Today was my experiment. I cranked up the o2 to 3 Liters and immediately my pulse ox shot up to 100. It's kinda funny to see that number. So I get on the elliptical and I start jogging. I think I was jogging at the same pace as Friday, but I'll never know for sure. Remember Friday without o2 my pulse ox was 90 and my HR was 162. Well today my pulse ox was a steady 96, which is totally NORMAL! And my HR was 155. So I think oxygen does a body good. I'll have to continue to work out with it, which rules out the possibility of running around the block for now.

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