Saturday, December 27, 2008

Days 40, 41 and 42

Well Christmas day was day 40 and I had every intention of working out before the extended family festivities began, however, once I started playing with the twins and their toys, I soon lost that one and only half hour window to myself so I skipped the workout. I'll tell ya, transforming Optimus Prime into a semi-truck certainly wasn't much easier than my workout! Why do they make it so difficult?

I got back on the wagon December 26 and 27 with a 32 minute workout on the elliptical machine. Today I did some spot checks on my HR and pulse ox. I was surprised that with 3 Liters of oxygen I was still sating at 93% with a HR of 170. I slowed it down a bit to get the HR under control, but the sats remained at 93. I thought maybe the oximeter was wrong. So I took the oxygen off and my sats immediately dropped to 90. So at least the o2 was helping.

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Nicole said...

Hey Tara

I didnt know about your lung project, I just set up google reader and added you.

I am soooo proud of you, this is a phenomenal undertaking. I did soemthing similar but not as regimented 2 years ago. I will share what I found on my joureny that you might find useful.

I started getting in shape after Lillian and I have gained lung function. I didnt start really seeing effects until 3 months or so in. Also if winter is your bad time dont count yourself out of an improvement until spring.

Additionally I have found that a moderate no real strain workout for me does not do me as good as one that is interspersed with me really pushing myself. So as far as the lungs go it is better for me to do a lower intensity with bursts of really intense than to do moderate intensity the whole time.

ALso, I have found after a good workout some serious deep lung huffing is very productive. I can also get good results if I have done HTS and then leave that 'sitting in there' while I work out. I dont get as good a workout in this way all the time but I can get alot up this way.

I am sure you have noticed that a good workout outdoors can beat indoors for getting stuff up, I still prefer to workout indoors but hey.

I have also found I am not not not not an afternoon workout kinda girl, it kills me. A friend of mine who runs swears she cant run in the morning, at all, her performance is wayyyy down. So if you really hate morning workout perhaps try varying your times.

ONe last thing. Now that you are getting a baseline level of fitness I would highly encourage you to get a heart rate monitor and read about heart rate training. It can significantly improve your body's ability to use oxygen, decrease resting heart rate,and more efficiently and is documented to improve lung function--not in CF of course just in general. Alot what google will bring up is for athletes but never fear there is alot out there even catering it for elderly etc so we can do it too! I had blogged on about this---I am getting my new blog going and will try to post a fitness blog.

take care and keep up great work

ps even if your lung function doesnt improve you will be able to better utilize oxygen and decrease your resting heart rate.