Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 21 and 22 - The Wall

Today went better than yesterday. Yesterday was a struggle. I got on the elliptical after lunch and I had to stop a couple times right off the bat! But only for a few seconds. Then at 10 minutes I had to stop again! My legs were burning I was just not into it. Maybe I pushed myself too hard the day before. Then at 20 minutes I wanted to quit for the day, but I didn't. I kept going. I finally finished at 30 minutes with a HR of 125. That's in my target range, but not quite as high for my normal 30 minute work out.

Today went a little better. I noticed that my back spasm doesn't hurt as much if I don't watch TV, which is sad for me. The TV is quite a bit lower than my line of vision on the elliptical. So I think it's causing me to have poor posture, resulting in a stinging burning upper back spasm, which I've had for umpteen years, at least since high school. It's a side effect of all those years of coughing and lots of cystics have this problem. We all have bad posture which results in knots in our backs. It's great fun! So today the twins were roaming around the room when I was starting my exercise, so i didn't want to turn on the TV. So I noticed if I stared straight ahead (which gets quite boring after 30 minutes) my back doesn't hurt AS much as when I watch TV. Today I did middle of the road and didn't have to take any breaks during my 30 minute elliptical workout. During the last minute I really pushed myself and my HR was 145 when I finished. Much higher than the day before, and I think it was a little over my maximum target too, which can't be good. I wore my o2 again but when I was gearing up to speed during the first two minutes when my legs burn the most I had a horrible headache anyway. It did subside but I'm sure it's all just some big vicious circle about poor oxygenation in my decrepit body.

The knees are feeling better, but not 100% healed. I don't have pain when I walk around the house which is great. But I still feel strain when I make certain motions. Maybe one more week and I'll be healed!

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