Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 31 and 32

There wasn't much of anything unusual on day 31. I worked out on the elliptical at a moderate jog pace for 30 minutes. I had the o2 cranked up to 3 Liters. I didn't even wear the pulse ox machine.

On Wednesday I decided to do an experiment with the oxygen and wear it at 2 Liters, instead of 3. I use 2 Liters when I sleep and I have no idea what my pulse ox levels dip to, but I wake rested, so they must stay above 90 at least! But when I work out I gasp a lot if they fall below 94 so I wondered if 3 liters was too much, even though I stayed steady at 96% the other day. I wondered if I could stay at 96% on 2 liters as well. Well I came close but I seemed to plateau at 94% with a HR of 155 on 2 Liters. So I think from now on, I'll stay at 3 Liters. I might even increase my time on the elliptical to 32 minutes for the rest of the week, and slowly work my way up to 45 minutes! We'll see... that sounds rather ambitious right now!

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Courtney said...

Go Tara go! I think its awsome that you have been able to excersize everyday. I know you may not feel like its helping but I bet by next clinic visit you will see somre results. Keep it up girl!!