Saturday, September 19, 2009

Countdown to Cowtown T Minus 15 Days

Today I set out to run 3 miles


I did it! The time was not that spectacular, nearly 50 minutes. I think I started out too fast. As I was barely a block away I checked my oxygen saturations and they were 90, on 5 liters of o2. I haven't brought my pulse ox with me in a long time, so that might be a normal dip in the beginning of the run. I slowed it down a bit and the sats plateau'd around 95 and my HR varied between 150 and 165. This is much better than the 175's I was seeing early in my training.

I'm nervous, but I think I'm ready to race! 15 days to go!

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Tamiko said...

Great job! Looking forward to doing this with you! :)