Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Countdown to Cowtown T Minus 19 Days

So as you can see from the title, I've completed my training course of 24 days of running this summer. I started in June I think. Wow, that took a long time! For the next 2 weeks I'll be trying not to catch any nasty cold viruses and keeping up with my training so I'll be ready for the big race day on October 4.

Today I set out to finally run 3.0 miles. And...... *drum roll please* I DID IT!!! Not only did I do it, I blew all my previous times out of the water. I made it 3.0 miles this morning in 47 minutes and 34 seconds. That's approximately a 16 minute mile. I haven't been able to keep that pace for the whole run yet, so I was quite proud of myself.

However, today's run was hard. My legs were ok, but I felt like every time I breathed in I was gasping for air. It wasn't a shortness of breath feeling it was just a small lung feeling. It's the feeling I get when I need to take a deeper breath than I can physically take. I feel like something is stopping short of taking a full breath. So I end up kinda panting the whole way. It's not a fun way to run. I hope it was just a fluke and it'll get easier as these next 2 weeks go on. I figure I have about 6 more trips out to practice my running before the big race. Wish me luck!

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