Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Running Day 21 of 24

Today I attempted to run 2.5 miles again and failed. I made it 1.5 miles and then had hip pain. It's very sharp, almost like shooting nerve pains. I guess I need some serious hip flexer exercises. I don't really know what a hip flexer is, but it sounds like something I need help with.

I decided to walk until the pain went away. Well it never went away and at some points I could barely hobble! I seriously thought about hitch-hiking home, it was so bad. It took me 22 minutes to limp the last mile home. It was so sad. So I made it home in 47 minutes and 53 seconds. Ugh. I hope next time is better. I'm thinking about running 10 minutes, walking 5, running 10, walking 5 etc all the way to see if that helps next time. My first mile was slow today as well, 15:50 or so. But I felt pretty good until that 1.5 mile mark.

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