Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rewind... Running Day 8 of 24

Today went rather nicely! I was a bit surprised because for the second time I had to bring the twins with me. This time I decided to tell them about the rules of the road and how to use a bike lane and to just follow close to mama instead of packing the car with their bikes and driving to a dirt track. We all know how that turned out last time anyway!

We are in a residential neighborhood, but I like to run on the main road which is 35 mph. It's not very well traveled at this hour in the morning though. I think 7 cars passed us the whole time. Heck, we saw more joggers than cars! I think the high school cross country team was training because in addition to adults there were scores of teenagers running. We probably passed 30 runners on our 18 minute route this morning at 9 AM.

Even with the twins in tow, it went very smooth. We did just one mile I think. I jogged 90 seconds, walked 90 seconds, jogged 3 minutes, walked 3 minutes and then we turned around and repeated that on the way home. My sats kinda surprised me. I was able to get to the magic number of 88 before my 6th minute. This is important so I can hopefully sometime soon obtain portable oxygen tanks to take running with me.

In order for insurance to allow portable oxygen you have to flunk what they call "the 6 minute walk test". So in 6 minutes you have to cover as much ground as possible and have your saturations drop below 89%. And I did it today! Which means, I can probably repeat this at the doctor's office and get it recorded on paper so I can have proof that I definitely need portable oxygen. Isn't that stupid? My doctor ALREADY prescribed this oxygen but my durable medical equipment company will not fill the prescription because they won't get paid by my HMO until I have this proof.

So in the mean time I'm damaging my heart while I train for my 5K. I was kinda surprised to look at the pulse ox today during my last 3 minute jog and see 85%, the lowest I have seen during my workouts. I didn't even feel like I was below 90. And let me tell you, it's NOT easy to work out in this condition. I liken it to having a normal person try and work out using only a straw to draw in your breath through your mouth. Try it! It's fun! If it's too easy and you're not gasping, get a smaller straw.

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NoExcuses said...

no more damaging your heart!!! :(

i like your straw analogy... here's mine:

ever seen those guys who like to pull airplanes by their teeth?

ya, i say working out with CF is like having a 3 story house tied to your ankles and running/walking with it.

take care