Friday, July 10, 2009

Running Day 8 of 24

Today was really tough. It was the same routine, week 3 which is 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, repeat. I did ok, but was really lagging up until the second 3 minute run. 2 minutes into it, I HAD to stop. I stopped and leaned over onto my knees to rest for about 10 seconds, then picked it back up and stopped about 10 seconds early. I just could NOT keep up. it was so hard.

Now I did track my route in the car the other day and it's 1.2 miles. So I'm running/walking that route in 20 minutes, which is terrible if you ask me! nearly a 20 minute mile? I can WALK faster than that! But when I jog I get so worn out, my resting "walk" to catch my breath REALLY slows me down. Not to mention the jogging itself is really slow.

Ugh, so I'm frustrated that I have not improved lung function (FEV1 = 45%), have not improved oxygen saturation (87%) and have not improved on speed one tiny bit yet. I'm still waiting to turn that corner. Oh, and bonus, my knees started hurting a little bit today. They don't hurt now that I'm not running, so that's a very good sign. But they did hurt while I was jogging. So hmmmm.... I have two days to recover. Will pick up on Monday.

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