Friday, November 28, 2008

A Long Walk

My knees are still hurting so I decided not to push it today, after taking a whole day off exercising yesterday! My hamstrings are also killing me. I tried stretching them out and going for a walk. I walked 2.6 miles in 40 minutes. Woot Woot! But then I had to soak in a hot hot bath just so I didn't look like a 90 year old shuffling around out in public as we went out to dinner tonight. I celebrated my walk with a nice warm Pizookie for dessert. Yum Yum!

A friend of mine offered to loan me her eliptical machine. I'm going to take her up on that, because this pounding the pavement thing doesn't seem to be doing my body good. I really miss the days I ran from the street hockey court across the street to the soccer field for another game. Ah.. to be 20 again!

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