Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back on the Horse - Day 10

After 4 days off, I got back in the saddle today. I was on vacation in San Diego and although we did do some walking, even a few miles, it wasn't much of a workout but it was exercise!

Of course today I have the twins with me, so it was a little bit different. I put them on their bikes and we set off on my 2 mile course. They were really dragging, and I thought they were slowing me down, but we ended up making it back home in 33 minutes. We took a small shortcut (skipped going through the park, so as not to make them jealous of all the kids playing)

As for me, I felt pretty good, but my knees were killing me. Like if you have one bum knee, you can always kinda limp, but when you have two bum knees, it's hard to limp on one, and then the other. It hurt pretty bad, but I just kept going hoping that maybe they were stiff from not running all weekend. Then I thought maybe they were sore from actually running last week.

I have figured out that I can jog longer if I don't go full bore the whole time. So I jogged quite a bit on our route today. Probably at least 8 minutes worth. I had the stop watch with me, but I was a little distracted crossing all the streets with the kids on their bikes, and then their complaining because they were tired. I probably looked like a crazy jogging hitch hiker because I told Tom there were going to be signals. Thumbs up if its safe to cross the road. And then we had a signal for "stay put, do not cross." So I'd jog out into the middle of the road with my thumbs up and kind jog in place until they were safely across together. It worked out well. I made these hand signals for them because I knew I would be too out of breath to actually speak to them. They listened really well!

I'm a little frustrated that I don't feel like I can run any longer than when I first started running last week. I'll keep at it, but I'm telling ya now, if I don't have results in six months, I'M QUITTING!

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