Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 11 - So Many Words

There are so many words that describe how I feel at this moment.


...just to name a few.

So I decided to push on, and go for the run today. Two steps folks. That's all I could muster as my knees screamed with pain. Ok, no running. I'll just walk briskly. As with my little experiment last week we all know I get the route done in just the same amount of time anyway. 2 miles and 32 minutes today. The pain is not so bad while walking. But I'm hurting right now. If I could amputate just above the knee right now... oh how sweet that would be.

Now if this was muscle hurt I wouldn't be complaining too much. Muscle hurt goes away. I'm very familiar with muscle hurt. You can't be an intramural hockey/soccer/water polo all star without having experienced muscle hurt. But this is like tendon or bone hurt. I'm really not sure which. It's very acute and sharp and only really when I run, or bend in funny yoga positions. I might still do the walk tomorrow, or I might take a day off. I did not have this kind of pain last week so I hope it's just a fluke. For now I'm going to go swallow a whole bunch of motrin. Sadly, it's the most potent thing in my medicine cabinet.

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