Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 5 - A Run In the Park

Today didn't go exactly as planned. The twins don't have school on Thursdays and I didn't have anyone to watch them this morning, so I decided I would run laps around the park while they played. Well that went over like a lead balloon. They wanted to run with me! Only they didn't want to run, they wanted to walk because they got tired. But they weren't walking fast enough for me because I wasn't completely out of breath. We finally worked out a happy medium where I ran small laps that lasted 1 minute around the play structure. And then I'd walk a lap. Then run. This went on for about 25 minutes. So I'm not sure how far I ran. I probably ran for a total of 8 minutes, which is kinda pace with what's been happening on real work out days anyway. It was just mayhem for a while at the park until we got into our groove. We'll have to work on that for next week because I have the twins home with me all week for Thanksgiving break!

I'm not sure I'll be able to get any exercise in on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am flying to San Diego early Friday morning and spending the weekend with some girlfriends. I hate to stop running so soon, but I know I'll be back at at on Monday. Even if it's raining! (I hope the weatherman is wrong!)

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