Sunday, August 23, 2009

Running Day 19 of 24

Yesterday (Saturday) was rough. I was supposed to increase my route by .25 miles, totaling 2.5 miles. This number, TWO AND A HALF MILES seemed daunting to me and I don't know why. But alas I strapped on my oxygen tank and my running shoes and hit the pavement Saturday morning.

The first mile went ok, in about 15:10, I can't fully remember the time now. My body felt good, but I felt really slow. I was on a new route so it was hard for me to tell exactly where I was. I like to know how far I've gone and how much further I have to go to hit my milestones like 1 mile, 2 miles etc. Since the route was new, I knew where the 1 mile mark was, but nothing in between.

The next half mile was murder. It felt like three miles. I wasn't sore or anything I just wanted nothing more than to be done with my run.

Then I got to the 1.5 mile mark and my right hip joint started hurting again. I ran some more for another minute or so and it still hurt so I listened to my body, a new thing I'm trying out, and stopped running. I started walking until it didn't hurt anymore and continued this pattern of running/walking for the rest of the 1 mile home. My total run/walk time was about 41 minutes. I'll have to check my stopwatch later today and edit this post.

It sucked because I was so disappointed after having run a great run 3 days earlier, a whole 2.25 miles, and now I couldn't repeat it. My hip doesn't hurt today, so that's a good sign. When I ran through it last Sunday it hurt for a few days! So I'm glad I listened to my body and hopefully I'll be ready for my next 2.5 mile run on Monday or Tuesday.

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