Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Running Day 18 of 24

I can't believe I only have 6 more days of running to complete my training course!

I was dreading today because there was no walking period built into the program. If it was going to be every bit as hard as it was on Sunday, I thought for sure I was going to struggle.

But guess what? It was relatively easy! I ran 2.25 miles straight without stopping in 36 minutes and 21 seconds! I'm not particularly proud of the time, but I'm going for endurance here, not speed. On Sunday I had some right hip joint pain, but not so much today, only the last tenth of a mile or so did I even start to feel it. Whereas on Sunday I felt it for the last mile!

I think this might mean I'm a runner now. Watch out Cowtown Marathon. Here I come! Ok, I'm only training for the 5K that day, but I think I might actually have the balls to sign up now.

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Piper said...

way to go tara! not to be nerdy about the whole thing, but you're jogging at about 3.7 mph. that's a great speed!

confession time: i'm so into your running blog. is that weird? i'm amazed that you find the time to do all this AND raise kids AND do as much healthcare stuff as you.