Sunday, August 16, 2009

Running Day 17 of 24

I wasn't looking forward to today because the runs are getting harder and harder. On my plate today was a 1 mile jog, 1/4 mile walk and another 1 mile jog to finish off the 2.25 mile route.

The first mile went really good! 15 minutes and 30 seconds later I was ready to walk! I walked really slow to regain some strength because I'd never run a second mile in the same day. Everything went pretty well until the last quarter mile or so. I started overheating again and I felt a little dizzy. I checked my pulse ox and it was great at 93%. My HR had settled around 170-174 for most of the run, but at this point when I was feeling a little dizzy it was 181. I did my best to slow my jog down, but really how much slower can you get than 4 mph?

I ended up making it the whole way in 37 minutes and 10 seconds. (15:30 for the first mile, 5:30 for the quarter mile walk and 16:10 for the last mile) Considering it was my first shot at running 2 miles in one stretch, I think it's pretty good! I'd really love to cut my time down. Maybe that will come in the next few weeks.


NoExcuses said...

wow 2 miles is AMAZING. i can barely do 1/4 mile. nice work!!!!

Tamiko said...

Keep up the good work! Good job!!!