Thursday, October 8, 2009

Post Race Run 1

Dear Running Enthusiasts,

When oh when is running going to be fun and exciting and easy? When oh when am I going to look forward to it, get those mysterious endorphins and all that extra energy? Why oh why do I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep the rest of the day after a short jog? Running has failed me. I've been running for 4 months and it's not easy.







... is HARD! The whole time I'm out there I concentrate on drawing the deepest breath possible. But the whole time I'm out there I feel like I'm drowning.

If you have a magic tip, other than a double lung transplant, I'm all ears!



Seriously. Today was just as hard as the first day. I went out and pushed myself to try and get a better time. I figured since I don't plan on expanding my distance more than 3.1 miles, I might as well work on my time. I did do better than Sunday, but I didn't blow any records out of the water. I ran 2.0 miles in 30 minutes and 35 seconds. I think I've made that time before. Sometimes, rarely, it feels a teeny tiny bit effortless, but for the most part I dread going, I dread every step while I'm out there and I collapse at the finish line.

When's it supposed to get easier? When will I get increased lung function? I'm stuck at 45% for the last year and it's getting old. Boo.

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Nicole said...

I am with you I never find it 'easy' and alot of times I feel like I go backwards and it is ALOT harder. I am having major leg issues and have lost function I think in large part because of it. I am sorry you are stuck at 45% but isnt maintaining that for a year pretty good since on average we are all declining yearly? I truly hope it gets easier for you.