Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 73

I can't believe I've been at this for over 10 weeks. 10 weeks down, 14 weeks to go until this dreaded project is over. I say that because I don't feel any benefit in the lungs. In fact my FEV1 seems to be lower than when I started in November.

Lately my peak flow has been in the toilet too. Normally with a 1.6 liter FEV1 my peak flow is about 425 and it feels pretty good, but for me, the lower the peak flow, the more SOB I am. Well lately my peak flow has been around 350-380. In February my FEV1 was 1.4 liters and I think it's even lower today. Today my peak flow was 370 and that totally sucks. It's like I want to take a deep breath in, but it just stops. This is nothing new, I've been this way for about 8 weeks now and it just happens sometimes. I haven't been taking my advair, so maybe it's an asthma thing.

With respect to my workouts, they have been going. I just keep huffing and puffing away with my oxygen on. I worked out last Thursday and I had every intention of working out last Friday, but then it was gorgeous out and the twins wanted to go to the park, so I played on the jungle gym instead. Saturday was a no-go, but I did get my workout in on Sunday and Monday.

I'm thinking about changing up my workouts. I have this brand new Wii Fit that I have hardly broken in since Christmas and I want to maybe do that on M, W, F for a half hour while the twins are in school (it's impossible to use it while they're home because they want to use it!) And then maybe I'll keep up w/ my elliptical on T, Thurs, Sat and Sundays. We'll see how that goes.