Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 68

This week is going well. I didn't work out last Friday or Sunday. But I got one in on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I plan to work out on Thursday and Friday this week as well since I'm taking Saturday off for sure, too many things to do on Saturday! Somehow I think I'm still meeting my goal of working out 5 or more days a week.

Yesterday was rough. By minute five I was so over it. Then at minute 20 Tom came into my room and kept asking me like very two seconds, "Can you stop yet?" And I had 10 freaking minutes left to go! It was a long ten minutes as I gasped, "I....." pause *gasp* "can't". It's amazing how much harder it is to talk and walk at the same time. (or talk and elliptical as the case may be)

Today wasn't too bad. I had "The Bachelor, After the Final Rose PART II" Yeah, as if "The Bachelor, After the Final Rose" wasn't humiliating enough, they had to string it out for a second night. But it kept me totally entertained for my 30 minute workout today. God I love trash TV.

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NoExcuses said...

Finding something entertaining is SO important. That's great you were able to find something.

Nice work on all those days working out... it's so hard to do but so amazing that you do it!!!