Saturday, June 27, 2009

Running Day 2 of 24

Today I did the same routine as Tuesday. I jogged for one whole minute and walked for 90 seconds. I repeated this 7 more times to complete my 20 minute work out. I got a little bit further down the road this time so I may have reached 1.5 miles. I need to map it or clock it in my car.

I did bring my pulse ox with me. I don't think I'll bring it every time I go but it was certainly interesting to see. I wonder if my oxygen saturation will get better at the end of this 8 week training. After the first jog my sats were 93, after the second jog they were 90 and for the last 15 minutes they pretty much remained at 87%. I saw 86 on there one time, but it didn't stay there. My HR never got over 170 and pretty much plateaued at 160 or so.

I'm a tiny bit worried about the oxygen saturation. I do get dizzy, but I've never fallen over so as long as that doesn't happen, I think we're ok!

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Tina said...

Be gentle with that heart of yours. You are an inspiration to my husband and I.