Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Days 52 and 53

I decided to pick my counting back up from where I left off on January 5th, the last workout I had. I didn't think it was completely fair that I get to count the days between Jan 5 and Feb 16 since I had no intentions of working out!

So the lung project finally continues. We are in Week 8 although there was a long hiatus where I had vacation, then illness followed by a couple weeks of laziness. But I"m baaack!

I saw my doctor a couple weeks ago and she said I'm pushing myself too hard. I should aim for lower HR and less o2 while working out. Apparently I'm not to train as an olympic athlete. But I always have been an overachiever. Hehehehe.

So on my first day back on the horse yesterday I didn't use my o2 at all. I tried to keep a mild to medium pace on the elliptical and my sats still sucked at 90%. My HR was somewhat high at 155 as well. But I put in a full 30 minutes and it didn't feel like much of a workout because I wasn't pushing myself, even though my vitals seemed to say otherwise.

Today I added 2 liters of o2 and still kept to a mild to medium pace on the elliptical machine. My sats were wonderful, ranging between 96 and 99 and my HR was pretty steady at 140, though higher at the end of the workout. Can anyone explain that? Am I pushing myself more at the end without knowing it?

Regardless today's workout was only 25 minutes. All of the sudden I felt drenched in sweat, though not the kind of work out sweat. Then I started to get dizzy and it dawned on me, working out prior to lunch is not such a good idea, since it had been 3 hours since breakfast. My blood sugar was 67! Thank you diabetes. Ugh. So I almost completed my workout today. I'll be back tomorrow!

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