Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, Day 58

I had some good work outs this week. I think I skipped two days, Thursday and Friday. On Friday however, I did have every intention of working out but I got a phone call and decided to spend my only "work out window" that day by gabbing on the phone. It was so much more fun! So I did work out on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday since I last wrote.

The workouts have been the same. 30 minutes at a mild pace on the elliptical machine. At first my HR settles around 130, and then when I spot check it toward the end of the workout it is quite a bit higher, in the 150-155 range. I haven't done any research to figure out why this is. Maybe I'm just out of shape. My sats are good though, with 2 liters of o2 I'm satting at 95 or 96%. I did push myself one day. The last 2 minutes I pushed as hard as I could. My sats dipped of course and my HR soared to 170. Thing is, I don't really feel tired, like I have to stop, I just know it's not good on my cardiovascular system to push that hard. Slow and steady for now I guess.

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NoExcuses said...

Congrats on the great workout!!!

Sometimes my HR goes up by 10-20 towards the last 1/3 of my workout as well.

I have a feeling it's cuz my muscles are more tired and therefore require more O2? SO my heart has to work harder to provide them with more O2? Just a guess.

Congrats again!