Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Long Break

Well I did my workout on Monday January 5th, but that was the last time. I was too rushed on Tuesday with all the packing and getting to bed early to be bothered with my workout on Tuesday the 6th. Plus we had to squeeze in a celebration for Paul. It was his birthday on the 7th, but since we were in a plane all freaking day, I had to get some cupcakes and celebrate! Good good yummy times.

I didn't plan to work out while I was in Cancun. There was just too much too see and do! It was so relaxing. I lost about 3 pounds, at an all inclusive resort! Can you believe that? I truly believe it was muscle mass from not working out for 8 days.

We returned home very late on Wednesday January 14 and I was sick. I'm still sick. I feel like I have cement stuck in my chest. My resting heart rate has jumped from 60bpm before Cancun to 95bpm this morning. My sats are low for me in the morning (93-94) but perk up toward the end of the day from 4 breathing treatments a day. My fever was 100,4 this morning. It's just all around a good time. I feel like a lump. Seriously, before you tell me exercise is good for me even when I'm sick, just walk one day in my shoes when I feel this cruddy. Yeah. Didn't think you could handle it either.

So I'm going to rest because that is what I do best when I'm sick. I should be back on my feet once this antibiotic kicks in, in about 10 days. Then I'll get back to working out.

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