Friday, November 20, 2009

Mile A Day

After debating back and forth with myself on twitter on whether or not to run today, I ended up running just before the rain storm came in. I can thank Tom and Abby for that motivation. The look on their faces when I told them we were not going to run this morning! Oh, they were too heartbroken. So running I went.

Today I took some notes. I noticed first that I had some intense pressure in my head. It's more like between my ears and it makes everything sound really muffled. I wonder why that happens? It's like I'm being strangled, only I'm not.

I also took my pulse ox with me so I could see how badly I was de-satting even on 5 freaking liters of o2. Well I mostly stayed at 91% which isn't bad, but it's a far cry from how well I feel at 95% and the lowest dip was right when I ended and practically keeled over from breathing so hard, at 89%.

My time also suffered today, but I'm going to blame that on the wind. it was quite windy and I think that slows me down. My 1 mile time was 13:07 today.

So when's it going to get easy?


The Mantha Family said...

I completely admire your drive and determination Tara. As usual, you inspire me.

CowTown said...

I'm impressed with your "1 mile a day" routine! Holy cow. <3